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Study Abroad Guide for Parents

When as a parent, you plan to send your child or children to study abroad, there are several things which you should be first are concerned of and keep them in your mind. We will look into these topics of concern in this article. So if you are parent and planning to send your kid abroad, please do read this article carefully. Honestly, being a parent it’s one of the bravest decisions you’ll ever make, and yes, the most crucial one for your child and his/her future. Studying abroad means your child will get international exposure and grow overseas network.

What your duties as a parent and what you need to do?

Firstly, being a parent you should know what all things can actually motivate your child. And you should actively participate in the decision making procedure of their kids to ensure they take the right calls in life.

Active Discussion of goals:

Sit down, calmly listen and understand why your child wants to go abroad – whether it is career-driven or personal. Due to the fact it is highly important to know reasons for all the W’s like what, why, when and where, so as to support your children to the best of your ability.

Research extensively:

As a parent you should also do self research about the courses your child is interested in, the universities offering that course and the country to which they are going to apply for.

Consider and seek counselling:

Ask out to friends and family whose children have gone abroad. Talk about the challenges they face and ways to mitigate those problems. There are many career counseling groups which provide proper guidelines and counseling sessions for the interested students.

Know about the total expenditure:

Having an overall estimate of the costs involved is definitely the most important thing involved in sending your kids abroad. These should include accommodation charges, and other daily expenses like travelling etc.

Make a proper plan:

Once you have an overview of what all are required for sending your child abroad, jot down a plan. Considering all the factors including course and university selection, finances, visa, etc.

Ensure to get a medical check-up done for your children:

Your concern should be your child’s health, so before leaving he or she should always undergo full check-up and even all sort of allergies should be taken as a point.

Travel safety is crucial:

Get hold of some good travel agent and also do travel insurance. Both you and children should keep the local SOS number handy.

Finally your child is abroad. Now what?

  • Decide time and ways for communication
  • Keep emergency numbers handy
  • Stay in touch with the authorities
  • Regularly guide them
  • Support them emotionally
  • Listen and then react

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