Study MBBS Abroad

How to choose best medical college in Abroad?

Below are the few check list which needs to be taken in account before taking admission in best medical college in abroad.

Total Expense & Budget for Medical Course: –
It is one of the main discussed criterion for selection as there are some countries which offers the course expense with food and lodging within 15 lac whereas in some countries it costs up to 35 lac. All institutes are good but some surely provide you better facilities and thus costs you more.

Low budget (12 to 17 lac): – Russia and other ex-USSR countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Philippines, China & Bangladesh.
High budget (40-50 lac): – Mauritius, Nepal, Poland.

Tenure of Medical Course: –
Total number of years you are going to stay in that country, it is major determining factors when deciding the expense. In China, Russia, Ukraine the MBBS course is of 6 years, Georgia provides the same in 5 or 6 years, Philippines 5-5.5 years, Kyrgyzstan universities offers 5-year program.

Recognition of Medical University: –
This is mandatory and cannot be compromised with any of the other factors. The college should be recognized by World Health Organization and other Medical Associations. Then only you will be able to practice anywhere in the world.  Many foreign medical colleges and universities are not in the list of Medical Council of India recognition list, which means that even if you earn a degree from that college you will not be authorized to practice here in India. Check whether medical colleges recognized by MCI or not before finalizing a college. Some of the western universities also provide coaching assistance for the MCI screening test.

Language Barrier in Foreign Countries: –
Check the medium of instruction used in the medical college, it should be English to ease your medical education.

Eligibility Criteria for Medical University: –
It is very important factor you should check for getting admission in any foreign medical universities, like the minimum percentage, age range, whether they prefer candidates with language proficiency score, etc.

Some of the other factors you should check are like geographical location of the country, because this decides the overall climate of the place. Indian students are generally not comfortable in countries like Kyrgyzstan because of the minus temperature which continues for 3-4 months in the year. Availability of Indian community and Indian foods are also very crucial factor.

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