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Why Indian Student should select Russian Universities for MBBS?

Russia has always been one of the favorite destination for Indian Students who are looking to pursue their studies at a very affordable price without comprising on the teaching quality.

There are around 14000 Indian students studying in Russia, as per the current scenario. The admission procedure in Russian Universities is comparatively easier than other countries, as they don’t ask for entrance examination or donation fee. Even some of the major Russian medical college offer full-time scholarship for meritorious students.

One of the biggest factors which makes Russia a good place for Indian students is affordability. The cost of living & tuition fees is low, when compared to other Countries like USA, UK, and Germany etc. Also the medium of instruction is English which makes it easier to deliver the information for the overseas students. Russia has maintained highest teaching methods, especially in the Medical Universities. The curriculum taught in the Universities are regularly updated & approved by leading regulatory bodies like Medical Council of India, World Health Organization etc.

Russia has proved itself for providing world class medical education at reasonable rates to students from the world over, especially from India. The last 15-20 years have seen a growth in the number of international students opting to study medicine in the Russian Federation and this trend is increasing year after year.

We have gathered salient reasons for Indian Students to select Russian Medical Universities.

  • Premier Institutions with Stringent Academic Standards:

There are over 50 medical colleges with 17,000 + doctors imparting medical education in Russia. Medical universities of Russia are listed in the ‘World Directory of Medical Schools’, published by the WHO. Some of these universities have a history that dates back to more than two hundred years; all these Universities are world class in every sense of the term. Tests and examinations at these institutions are stringently formulated on a regular basis. Student’s performances in tests are evaluated and their progress in mastering the topic is closely monitored to ensure best quality of pass outs.

  • English as the Language of Instruction:

Earlier, language barrier was something that stopped many a Indian students from pursuing medical education in Russia, this barrier does not exist anymore as most of the institutions now offer instruction in Both English and Russian. It is observed that students start to speak Russian with certain a level of confidence by the first year itself, which helps them gel well with their Russian colleagues as well as the local population.

  • No Entrance Exam Hurdle and Donation Requirement:

For admission to Russian medical institutions, students not need to spend months preparing for entrance exams, and wait for the cut off to determine where they will get admission or not. One does not have to undergo any entrance examination for gaining admission to university of their choice in Russia. No donations need to pay for admission which means the best of quality medical education.

  • Economical Tuition Fees and Cost of Living:

Tuition fees at Russian medical universities are much lower in comparison to those in other countries, this is due to the financial support provided by the Federal Government to the universities. A foreign student only has to pay about 10 to 20% of the actual cost of education, which makes it way below what one will have to pay for pursuing MBBS in India. Tuition Fee is about 18 lacs for 6yrs which may vary from university to university.  Cost of living in Russia ranges between only 80 USD and 100 USD per month (5000- 6500 Rupees), which is considerably low by any standards. Considering the cost of Medical education in India, this a great opportunity for talented students from humble background to realize their dream of becoming a doctor.

  • Global Recognition for Russian Medical Degrees:

Russian medicine degrees have gained global recognition and have topped UNESCO and WHO ratings. Over 30 Russian institutions finds place in International university rankings. Gaining medicine qualifications from Russian Medical Institutes can open up excellent employment and academic opportunity. Russia is the hot favorite for medical aspirants across the world. With curriculum in sync with ever changing medical breakthroughs, Russian medical degree holders are revered across the world.

  • Excellent Research Environment:

Russian medical Universities are known for their research breakthroughs, them researches are extended globally through collaborations with leading research institutions. All institutions are well equipped with the most modern teaching aids and laboratories, facilities that are best in the world that aids such research endeavors.

  • Presence of Sizable Number of Students from the Indian Subcontinent & Asia:

Students studying in Russia feel at home, as large number of students from the Indian subcontinent especially from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan studies there. These students celebrate their festivals with a lot of pomp and gaiety. Due to large presence of Indian students, the Indian food is served in many university canteens. Restaurants serving Indian foods are also quite common though the cost can be on the higher side.

  • Experience Great Social Life:

International students in Russia will find themselves in the midst of an array of vibrant culture and dazzling nightlife .Russia is a vast country with endless list of festivities.  Russian are known the world over for the liking for Good things in life. As a student in Russia, one is sure to experience the very best of Russia in terms of food, culture and mesmerizing landscapes.

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